Bid Consultancy

Consultancy IconTo support and suit your bid we can provide an interim, consultant or temporary bid professional for assignment durations that work for you.

Winning profitable business is more than the production of a tender or proposal document. It is about developing a solution and engaging the customer in a manner that positions your solution ahead of the competition. It is about aligning your company’s bidding activities with the procurement activities of your customer and making sure that whole company bids win.

If your company’s win rate is not living up to expectations or you have a must-win bid then your company could benefit from our consultancy services:

  • Bid Health Check

    If your win rate is not as required or you have lost an important tender, then there could be something wrong with the way you have been bidding. Our consultants can undertake a full bid process review and provide advice on what is good and what needs improvement. Our consultants know what works and what does not from many years’ experience of bidding.

  • Bid Best Practice

    If you are new to bidding, need to ensure that your bid process is the best, or as a result of a Bid Health Check, our consultants can work with your teams to ensure that you have a bid process that works and produces the results you require.

  • Bid Support

    Bidding can be difficult and sometimes it helps to have somebody to discuss the win strategy, the bid management, cost profile or contractual terms. Our consultants can be there when you want them, on site or at the end of a telephone to provide advice, guidance or just to bounce ideas off.

  • Bid Review

    Finding time to review the bid can be difficult for senior managers but reviewing should be an essential part of your bid process. Our consultants can undertake an active review cycle which comprises of several formal reviews with specific objectives whether that be reviewing the customer profile, the win strategy, the competition and/or the tender documentation development.

  • Bid Presentation

    The bid pitch is an important component of any bid. Your bid pitch needs to ensure that it sells your company and your solution. Our consultants can take your teams through the bid pitch preparation and ensure that the delivery sells the benefits of your solution and maximises your chance of winning the pitch.

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