Bid Editing

Editing IconAn external check to ensure your bid speaks with one voice and is consistent across the various writers will provide a professional look to your content.

Your bids will typically have many contributors and even with a style guide they will all write with slightly different styles. References to key information should be consistent and accurate. Names, acronyms, capitalisation and references should be the same throughout the document to ensure a professionally presented bid. Writers and contributors find it hard to review their own work. The bid should speak with one voice to your client’s evaluators. The Bid Team provides a bid editing services that can help you get that professional content. Our services include:

  • Bid Editing

    Integrated as part of the bid process, our editorial teams can work through the document proof reading and checking against an agreed set of criteria to ensure the copy is consistent and compelling. A fresh view on the bid material can also provide a final check that the questions have been completely answered and that all additional material is referenced correctly.

  • Style Guide Production

    Having a guide to help bid contributors will go someway to having consistent copy. We have a generic style guide which is available to download for your use. However, your bid contributors could further benefit from a bid specific style guide developed for each bid.

  • External ‘Red Team’ Review

    This review has two distinct elements: firstly, a ‘red marker’ quality review to assess the compliance of responses with the needs of the bid, and a ‘review comments implementation’ phase to ensure any quality and compliance issues have been adequately addressed. The size and scale of this review is always dependent upon the size and nature of the bid in question. Each phase of the review is conducted by one of our Senior Bid Managers.

  • Client Side Review

    Performed as the client, reviewing and scoring accordingly, this review is designed to provide a critical perspective on the bid submission to promote a clear understanding of how it will perform when assessed by the client.

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