Bid Outsourcing

OutsourcingTo bridge the gap between your sales and delivery teams, we take on all of the life cycle activities, such as qualification, production, delivery and presentation.

Your sales team and delivery teams work well when there is a direct client sale and a relationship can be established. Sometimes the procurement mechanism prohibits the development of a relationship sale and a tender has to be produced. In these circumstances, it can be hard to decide whose responsibility the tender completion lies with. The Bid Team can bridge the gap between your teams and we have a number of outsource solutions that our clients can use:

  • OJEU Search

    Searching the OJEU can be a time consuming process when your sales team’s time could be better spent building the relationships with existing or potential clients. We offer a search and qualify process that can search the OJEU for public contracts, qualify the opportunity within agreed parameters and apply for the documentation. Your sales team then receives an opportunity pack and an analysis of previous wins within that search criteria.

  • Bid Management

    Hiring in a bid manager or employing a bid team can be a difficult decision if you do not have a clear view of their forward load. Our clients benefit from an outsourced solution where we provide the bid management, bid co-ordination and bid writing. Working with your sales and delivery teams, they are integrated into your company. The outsource model means that you no longer employ the individuals rather you have a service contract with agreed SLAs.

  • Bid Review

    Finding time to review the bid can be difficult for senior managers but reviewing should be an essential part of your bid process. Our consultants can undertake an active review cycle which comprises several formal reviews with specific objectives, whether that be reviewing the customer profile, the win strategy, the competition and/or the tender documentation development.

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