Bid Process Reviews

If your bid win rate is not providing you with the revenue that you have planned then your bid process needs to be reviewed to ensure that you are bidding to win.

The Bid Team approach is focused at several levels, calling upon differing expertise for the different aspects that need to be addressed. It is practical in that we will only introduce tools, techniques and concepts that have a direct relevance. Our bid process review is hands on: in that our bid consultants will work with each of your bid teams as individual units providing guidance on best practise. It is corporate: in that we will look at the organisational development aspects that are across the bid teams and company wide.

There are a number of areas that are key to the management of the bid and productive client engagement. These are typically the transition points from one phase of the sales cycle to the other and the key review stages of the bid. An independent eye, new approach and new techniques can play a major role in these areas and really help make that step change from a standard bid to a winning bid.

  • Bid Pipeline

    Opportunities come from a number of sources. Good pipeline management and customer focus will identify the opportunities before they are published in the OJEU. The review will look at opportunity sourcing and lead times for each opportunity. The review will consider the process, procedures and the implementation of opportunity sourcing, forward load and the your bid team involvement in the sourcing and management of the forward load. The review will consider the strengths of the existing process and what areas could be improved. It could be that sales plans are being generated; long term opportunities are known but the sales staff need to be trained to influence the procurement strategy decision makers. It will also consider the MI into and from the bidding function and how this influences the bid resource plan.

  • Qualification

    Qualification is more than a bid/no bid decision. It is the transition point from sales activity to business activity. It is the key shift where your are being asked to spend resources in servicing a client requirement and produce a formal proposal. Having a clear transition is therefore essential. The sales and bid teams need to formally communicate all the information about the opportunity, the client, the competition and the unspoken drivers.

  • Initiation

    The initiation phase of a proposal is just as important as the qualification and has at its core the communication of ideas and themes that will ultimately lead to a better proposal. During the Initiation phase the win themes are developed, competitor positions considered and the overall plans for client engagement and proposal development are created. The initiation phase is when there is greatest opportunity for diversity between bids and where bid teams will tend to concentrate their efforts on producing plans that meet the client documentation requirements rather than trying to align their activities to a corporate standard.

  • Bid Development and Review

    Using the Rainbow Review process is an important part of any bid. Reviews used correctly are the most cost-effective way to improve a proposal. Every review has three phases, preparation, the review and implementation with clear objectives for each phase. Our consultants can help plan the review cycles, help define the reviewer responsibilities and call upon the Knowledge Pool for additional review expertise or to replace senior managers for the review cycles.

  • The Bid Library

    In many organisations knowledge is captured in localised silos. Each will have its own way of doing things and its own way of expressing itself. There will be localised archives of best practice process and responses to proposals that are deemed the standard response on which all other response are based. This results in organisations producing proposals that are markedly different from each other depending on the part of the organisation that produced the documentation. Your Bid Library should be a centre of excellence for bid management, containing all the repository of company knowledge. It should be seen as a reference centre for standard process and documentation, a training centre for elements of bid management and a knowledge pool of experts.

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