Bid Recruitment

Recruitment 3Clients benefit from our in depth interview techniques, testing and unique candidate database, to select the best match candidates.

Having the best staff is important in all aspects of your business. Finding them is difficult and, in a competitive market, even harder. You need a specialist to find your technical staff and likewise you need a bid specialist to find your bid team staff. The Bid Team provides a recruitment service to our clients that specialises in the bidding profession alone. We are not recruitment generalists nor are we tied to a specific methodology or qualification process. We get the people your business needs to succeed.

  • Interim Recruitment

    Whether it is the first time you have been asked to bid, have a peak in bidding activity or just require some external expertise, we can provide bid professionals across a wide range of sectors for assignments ranging from a few days to several months. All our consultants have been checked for UK work compliance. We have a candidate registration process that allows all our associates and consultants to stay informed of opportunities and in turn we have full visibility of their availability. Your requirement can be matched and met in hours if required.

  • Permanent Recruitment

    Our permanent recruitment is based on the people we know and have access to. In this way, we rely on recommendations and referrals. With one of the largest bid professional social and networking groups, we can always find the right candidates for your role. We source, select, check and interview based on your criteria and help you find the best candidates for your bidding requirements.

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