Client Bidding Services

Client Bidding ServicesBidding is not just about completing a document and hoping that you win. It is about qualification, strategy, benefits and unique selling points.

The bid must position your company within your client’s evaluators’ minds as first choice for all options. Your client must see the full benefit of your solution, therefore an understanding of what is required of a bid is essential. Understanding how to position the benefits of your bid is only part of the solution. We understand that bidding can be daunting, as can any activity if you do not possess the right tools for the trade. Our clients therefore have access to our range of services such as:

  • We can provide bid professionals across a wide range of sectors for assignments of a few days or several months. Find out more.

  • Our bid writing services provide a solution that works with your subject experts and produces compelling bid responses. Find out more.

  • An external check to ensure your bid speaks with one voice and is consistent across the various writers will provide a professional look to your content. Find out more.

  • Our team of In-House designers draw upon their design knowledge and skill to create the best presentation for your business. Find out more.

  • Another person/team reviewing the bid provides assurance that the bid is heading in the right direction and provides an alternative view. Find out more.

  • Our consultants can assess your bid procedures, determine what is good and make recommendations for improvements, based on best practice. Find out more.

  • For bids to succeed, all your sales, bid and delivery teams need to understand what a bid is and what is involved. Find out more.

  • In today’s economic times there are probably parts of your sales and bidding activities that could be outsourced. Find out more.

  • Winning a bid starts well before the purchasing organisation issues the bid documentation. Find out more.

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