Content Library

Your bid library should be a repository of standard answers to questions that appear in PQQs/RFIs and a starting point for the development of formal tenders.

The use of libraries should be undertaken with caution. Content must be current and relevant. All content should therefore be reviewed on a quarterly basis for accuracy and innovations. A good bid library should contain current, reviewed content.

In many organisations knowledge is captured in localised silos. Each will have its own way of doing things and its own way of expressing itself. There will be localised archives of best practice process and responses to proposals that are deemed the standard response on which all other response are based. This results in organisations producing proposals that are markedly different from each other depending on the part of the organisation that produced the documentation.

Developing a current bid library is something that The Bid Team would recommend and an area that our consultants could help develop. We have developed central bid libraries in organisations where knowledge sharing and best practice needed to be developed throughout the organisation.

The bid library should  be developed into a centre of excellence for bid management, containing all the repository of company knowledge. It should be seen as a reference centre for standard process and documentation, a training centre for elements of bid management and a knowledge pool of experts.

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