Previous International Bids

The Bid Team has supported clients bidding internationally and our team has worked on numerous international bids some of the countries that we have bid into are highlighted below.

  • Argentina

    We have supported a number of successful bids into Argentina in the engineering and satellite ground station sectors. The bids were all international consortia headed by a UK company. The successful operation of the bids has resulted in academic collaboration between the two countries with bi-lateral academic lecture tours and joint research projects.

  • Belgium

    Brussels is one of the centres the hosts the European Institutions. The Bid Team has successfully won bids into a number of Directorates for UK and European companies. We understand what is required for direct support services or matched fund applications.

  • Canada

    We have helped companies bid into Canada and helped Canadian companies bid for research contracts awarded under a co-funded European programme.

  • China

    Hong Kong is one of the financial centres of the world and we have supported financial and non-financial companies tender for work for large corporations support contracts.

  • Japan

    One of the world’s largest economies we have supported UK companies that want to work collaboratively with Japanese companies or bid directly for supply and support contracts. We supported a UK company successfully tender for a £5M contract for the provision of a technology centre.

  • Luxembourg

    Again on the centres for the European Institutions we have helped companies bid for numerous funding streams from Eurostat.

  • Spain

    The Western European Union has a large base in Madrid and The Bid Team helped a consortium of European companies tender for the centre upgrade.

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