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  • AviationThe Aviation sector covers a wide range of services with diverse clients that are controlled by different procurement regulations and requirements. Find out more.

  • CharityTrust applications, funding requests or National Lottery grants usually form the main income source for most charities. Find out more.

  • ConstructionBids into the construction industry are typical complex, multi-phased and require large diverse teams. Find out more.

  • Criminal JusticeThe criminal justice sector has seen a lot of changes as different Justice Secretaries have adopted different strategies for the sector. Find out more.

  • DefenceDefence sector bidding is typically complex and governed by National and European regulations which allow restricted, open and negotiated bids depending on the national security implications.. Find out more.

  • EngineeringEngineering bids can be large technical bids that require complex engineering processes and solutions to be communicated to non-technical people. Find out more.

  • FM

    Facilities ManagementBoth public and private sector organisations are seeking to make efficiency savings by outsourcing their facilities operations. Find out more.

  • GovermentAll UK public bodies, national and local, must procure all services and products in accordance with the European procurement directives. Find out more.

  • HealthThe health sector has seen many changes and this is particularly true when we look at the procurement strategy that the various health bodies have adopted. Find out more.

  • InternationalThe bidding process can be a demanding time for everyone involved, and having a dedicated team with international experience can take some of that pressure off you and your business.  Find out more.

  • IT

    ITAll organisations in the public and private sector now rely on their IT solutions. The drive for in-house data centres has now been replaced by cloud computing. Find out more.

  • LegalLegal services tenders are usually for partnerships to obtain representation on a panel or framework. Find out more.

  • Oil and GasThe very nature of the oil and gas sectors means that it has to respond to market price conditions, legislative compliance and public perceptions. Find out more. 

  • OutsourcingOutsourcing is still one of the most popular mechanisms for private organisations to seek efficiencies in their operations and for public sector bodies to market test public services. Find out more.

  • RailThe rail industry in the UK is currently undergoing some major changes, we are in the middle of the rail operating company franchise renewal. Find out more.

  • RecruitmentRecruitment services must comply with an increasing number of legislative requirements for permanent, interim and contract recruitment. Find out more.  

  • SpaceThe UK is a participant of a number of the European Space Agency (ESA) programmes and undertakes a significant amount of space based activities funded through the UK Space Agency and the private sector.  Find out more.

  • Support ServicesBoth public and private sector organisations are seeking to make efficiency savings in the operation of their facilities by outsourcing the whole of the facilities operations or just part of it. Find out more.

  • UtilitiesThe utilities sector is undergoing a fundamental change, driven by a changing regulatory environment and greater public service expectations. Find out more.

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