Bid Mentoring

Mentoring IconYour bid team could benefit from a bid mentoring service where they can access consultants to advise on industry best practice or to talk through a particular issue.

Our consultants can provide the advice and guidance to your team on any aspect of the bid process The exact requirements for advice and guidance will depend on your bid staff. Each team will be mentored by an individual that can use their skills and experience to help implement the bid, change the bid process or introduce new tools and techniques to help build the client engagement model or develop the proposal.

Your team can also call upon The Bid Team’s knowledge pool, a team of associates that have particular skills in solution development, financial modelling or contractual responses. These associates represent a valuable pool of best practice expertise that can complement existing review panels, undertake the review or help in the proposal development.

There are a number of areas that are key to the management of the bid and productive client engagement. These are typically the transition points from one phase of the sales cycle to the other and the key review stages of the bid. An independent eye, new approach and new techniques can play a major role in these areas and really help make that step change from a standard bid to a winning bid.