Bid Process Reviews

If your bid win rate is not providing you with the revenue that you have planned then your bid process needs to be reviewed to ensure that you are bidding to win.

The Bid Team approach is focused at several levels, calling upon differing expertise for the different aspects that need to be addressed. It is practical in that we will only introduce tools, techniques and concepts that have a direct relevance. Our bid process review is hands on: in that our bid consultants will work with each of your bid teams as individual units providing guidance on best practise. It is corporate: in that we will look at the organisational development aspects that are across the bid teams and company wide.

There are a number of areas that are key to the management of the bid and productive client engagement. These are typically the transition points from one phase of the sales cycle to the other and the key review stages of the bid. An independent eye, new approach and new techniques can play a major role in these areas and really help make that step change from a standard bid to a winning bid.