Bid Review

Review IconHaving your bid externally reviewed regularly as it moves through the bid cycle is one way to enhance your chances of winning.



Reviewing is time consuming, but The Bid Team can provide the resources to help. The review services clients have access to include:

  • Strategy Review

    A Senior Bid Manager is appointed to test the robustness of the win themes and strategies to be deployed in a bid. This review is designed to ensure the overall strategy demonstrates a clear understanding of what has been sought and a clear vision of what is required. This review will typically take 2-5 days to complete and will provide a written report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen strategy and any suggestions for improvement. The Bid Team can provide a Bid Manager to implement suggested improvements or to mentor your internal Bid Managers to reformulate or reposition the strategy and win themes if required.

  • Qualification Review

    A check and balance review to ensure qualification has been performed correctly and the efficacy of any associated competitor analysis. Performed by a Senior Bid Manager, usually over 2-5 days, this review involves interviewing internal bid team staff as well as assessing the strengths, weaknesses and probable win themes deployed by your competitors. It seeks to determine how best to mitigate the win themes and advantages they claim.

  • Rainbow Reviews

    These reviews assess the progress of the bid as it is developed to ensure clear, realisable win strategies, unique selling points and strategic differentiating messages are communicated consistently and compellingly throughout the proposal documentation. These reviews are not passive document reviews but active reviews of the customer profile, the competitive landscape and the win strategies deployed. Rainbow Reviews are highly structured to provide positive input and guidance to your Bid Managers and to ensure the bid is customer-focused and solution-based. These are formal reviews that actively involve your internal bid teams at each stage of the bid lifecycle to achieve specific objectives.

  • External ‘Red Team’ Review

    This review has two distinct elements: firstly, a ‘red marker’ quality review to assess the compliance of responses with the needs of the bid, and a ‘review comments implementation’ phase to ensure any quality and compliance issues have been adequately addressed. The size and scale of this review is always dependent upon the size and nature of the bid in question. Each phase of the review is conducted by one of our Senior Bid Managers.

  • Client Side Review

    Performed as the client, reviewing and scoring accordingly, this review is designed to provide a critical perspective on the bid submission to promote a clear understanding of how it will perform when assessed by the client.

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