£300m Technology Enabled Care Services framework announced

12th June 2019

Northern Housing Consortium Ltd in Sunderland has announced a significant framework in relation to Technology Enabled Care Services (TEC). Housing across the area needs to have its digital care facilities and medical equipment restored. This framework will provide products and services in relation to TEC.


The supply partners of this work must be able to support both analogue and digital systems in order to meet all requirements.


The framework is divided into the following 5 lots:

  • Product Catalogue – £100m
  • Installation, Service/Maintenance and Repair – £45m
  • Call Monitoring and Mobile Response
    • Call Monitoring – £15m
    • Mobile Response – £5m
    • Call Monitoring and Mobile Response – £15m
    • Call Centre Monitoring Equipment Servicing/Maintenance and Repair – £15m
  • Consultancy – £5m
  • Fully Managed Service – £100m

The duration of given contracts will be 48 months.


The current deadline for receipt on tenders or requests to participate is 8th July 2019.


Invitations to tender or participate are estimated to be sent to selected candidates by 23rd July 2019.


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