£400m London software framework open for bidding

1st October 2019

Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) are looking for a provider for a software framework valued at £400 million.


NHG and the Peabody are looking to appoint a supplier to provide a software platform from which the DPS can be operated, together with a management function whereby the supplier will administer and manage the DPS on NHG’s and Peabody’s behalf. The duties of the framework are as follows:

  • assisting NHG and Peabody with the setup and structure of the DPS. NHG and Peabody will be conducting the DPS procurement itself, but will work with the successful tenderer to ensure that the structure of the DPS is compatible with the software and management service to be provided by the successful tenderer,
  • the provision of a software platform for the operation of the DPS that allows mini-competition and awarding of works to successfully bidding contracts,
  • the management of the DPS on NHG’s and Peabody’s behalf to include:
    • engagement with contractors to encourage application to the DPS and guide them in this process,
    • processing applications made by contractors to join to the DPS. This will involve ‘initial applications’ made when the DPS is first established and subsequent applications which may be made any time during the life of the DPS,
    • vetting contractors in accordance with NHG’s and Peabody’s requirements, both to join the DPS and periodically in order to remain as a contractor on the DPS,
    • informing contractors whether they are appointed to the DPS or not and the reasons for this,
    • processing requests for works/services by NHG and Peabody and running a mini-competition between all qualifying contractors in the relevant category,
    • contract formation with successful contractors,
    • undertaking annual vetting (or as required subject to expiration of insurances, training, etc. This is what needs adding to the original) of all existing DPS contractors,
    • where contractors are VAT registered, undertake checks on HMRC that they are paying tax to meet clients CIS requirements.

    The duration of the contract is 4 years.


    Those interested in submitting tenders must do so by 28 October.



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