Councils announce £500million waste management contract

26th July 2018

Four Councils in the South West of England are accepting requests to participate in bidding for a £500m contract that could stretch to 2040.


North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City and South Gloucestershire Councils have released a joint procurement to manage their residual and bulky municipal waste.


The contract is divided into two lots, with prospective bidders able to submit tenders for both and it will have a maximum term to March 2040.


Lot 1 – Residual Municipal Waste, £400m


This will be the treatment or processing and disposal of residual municipal waste typically being collected from domestic and small commercial premises.


At least 90% of tonnages must be diverted away from landfill.


It is expected that around 175,000 tonnes per year will need to be moved in total, but this could increase by around “2,000 to 3,000 tonnes per year”.


Bidders will not need to bid for all the tonnage available, but a tonnage capacity of at least 10,000 must be available.


Lot 2 – Bulky Municipal Waste, £100m


The second lot will be for the treatment or processing and resultant disposal of bulky municipal waste again from domestic and small commercial premises.


At least 80% of tonnages, by weight, must be diverted away from landfill.


Tonnages are expected to be around 40,000 to 50,000 each year.


The contract will have an initial term up to 2030, with provision to extend by one or more periods up to March 2040.


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