HS2 framework valued at £150m opening soon

13th September 2019

New framework in Birmingham for the support of HS2 worth a total £150 million opening soon. A prior information notice has been released.


Hs2 are looking for the provision of construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways. Successful parties will be asked to:

  • Provide potential suppliers with an update on the scope and procurement approach;
  • Give potential suppliers the opportunity to give feedback on HS2 Ltd.’s intended approach;
  • Test market appetite to bid for the Telecommunications system procurements.

HS2 Ltd currently proposes splitting telecommunications systems into two distinct contracts. Some sub-systems have relatively well-defined communications requirements; others are dependent on the future technology choices, as well as more complex contracting solutions.


The proposed scope of each contract is as follows:

  • HS2 Operational Telecommunications – HS2 Ltd owned and managed assets procured under a Design & Build contract (DB), with a term services arrangement to cover technical support. These assets will typically consist of equipment that is required for the operational railway service, including:
    • Data Transmission Network
    • Telephony system
    • Tunnel radio system
    • Telecommunication masts
    • Equipment buildings
    • Interface management and coordination with other HS2 systems needing to use the telecommunications network and its assets.

    Physical Security – HS2 Ltd is also considering the potential scope extension of the HS2 Operational Telecommunications contract to include physical security elements.


    These may be offered separately or in combination, and would include:

    • Security System Master Integrator
    • Security Applications Delivery
    • Open Line of Route Trackside Security Delivery
    • Security Technology Provision

    HS2 Third Party Telecommunications – Third Party managed assets under a Design, Build, Maintain and Operate procurement model. This would incorporate the potential for commercial exploitation alongside agreement from HS2 Ltd to utilise certain HS2 assets to provide external telecommunication services. This contract includes:

    • Passenger communication systems
    • Emergency Services Network
    • Station Data Network (fixed, operational Wi-Fi and public Wi-Fi)
    • Non-rail/other communication services

    The estimated date of publication for this contract is 06 October 2020. However, a Pre-Procurement market engagement questionnaire is being initiated with a deadline for interested parties to register by 30 September.



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