Network Rail announce availability of £5billion track works contract

19th June 2018

Network Rail are seeking design and installation suppliers for a 10-year, £5billion track works contract.


The scope of the procurement covers site investigation, survey, design, planning and installation of track works and will be divided into three lots: North, Central and South.


North – Scotland route

Central – London North Western, London North Eastern and East Midlands routes

South –  Western, Wales, Wessex, South East and Anglia routes


The work will predominantly fall in line with National Rail’s Control Period six (2019-2024) and Control Period seven (2024-2029). However, there will be a break clause at the end of the first five years.


Tenders may be submitted for all lots, but Network Rail intends to appoint three consortia and is restricting the number of lots a single consortium can be awarded to just one, allowing them to maintain operational security.


“This will bring huge benefits to both our route customers and the wider supply chain.”


Bidders have been invited to register their interest before 2nd July with invitations to tender to be sent out in the middle of August. Work is anticipated to begin in the summer of next year.


Steve Featherstone, Director for track, told Construction News: “Combining our plain line expertise with that of switches and crossings will bring huge benefits to both our route customers and the wider supply chain.


“The proven alliance model offers a flexible and cost-effective solution with a greater focus on each route’s specific requirements and needs.”


Network Rail are likely to carry out strict financial tests on potential suppliers following the Carillion’s collapse in January. The contractors were working on over £1.1b worth of Network Rail contracts when they went into liquidation.


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