Space Tenders

The UK is a participant of a number of the European Space Agency (ESA) programmes and undertakes a significant amount of space based activities funded through the UK Space Agency and the private sector.

Companies involved in this sector manufacture satellites, providing communications and broadcasting services, and find practical applications for data produced from space vehicles. Bidding to ESA, UKSA or a prime contractor is usually a complex process where scientific, technical and commercial requirements need to be met and communicated in a compelling manner. The solution therefore needs to be communicated in an understandable way. If you are looking to bid into this sector The Bid Team can help.

Related Case Studies

The Bid Team has provided bidding services that have resulted in over £11.3 billion of revenue for clients. The case studies below are some of the more significant wins that clients have achieved.

The bid team icon secure spot on EADS framework

The Bid Team’s services helped secure a position on EADS’ Preferred Supplier List for Permanent Personnel Recruitment Services framework. EADS are world leaders in the aviation and defence sectors.

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