Defra announces £60million Research Vessel contract

18th March 2019

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has announced a contract opportunity to deliver a Research Vessel (RV) management services contract to:

  • employ the staff required to deliver the service to the Authority,
  • provide staff training and experience so that key skills identified by the Authority are developed (and not lost),
  • safely manage and maintain the vessel as if by a first-class owner to the standards required to provide cost-effective delivery of the Annual Survey Programme, minimise Vessel downtime and keep the Vessel in a first-class condition for an operational life of 30 years,
  • assist the Authority in optimising the use of the RV and schedule the use of other vessels to meet Authority requirements,
  • assist the Authority in the safe and efficient management of operations on third-party vessels,
  • ensure compliance with legislation, safety of navigation and operational procedures, environmental standards and good working practices,
  • provide a safe, cost-effect management, construction and maintenance service for all survey equipment as instructed by the Authority,
  • implement continuous improvements to the service.

The contract is for 13 years and estimated to be worth £60m.

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