Forestry framework worth £2m open for bidding

9th January 2020

The Forestry Commission are launching a framework for arboricultural services valued at £2 million.


This is a framework agreement for arboricultural services in England to support Plant Health England in order to facilitate work resulting from suspicion of pest or disease presence. The work may include working directly for the Forestry Commission or the Animal and Plant Health Agency, an executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The framework is divided into the following regional lots:

  • Lot 1: London and South East England
  • Lot 2: South Central England
  • Lot 3: South West England
  • Lot 4: Central England
  • Lot 5: East England
  • Lot 6: North Central England
  • Lot 7: West England
  • Lot 8: North West England
  • Lot 9: North East England
  • Lot 10: North England

The duration of this framework is 4 years.


The deadline for submission of tenders is 17 February.



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