London construction framework valued at £50m open for bidding

1st November 2019

Somerset House Trust (SHT) are seeking a provider for an architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services contract. It is valued at £50 million.


Somerset House (SH) is London’s Working Arts Centre. It is a Grade I listed building. SHT wishes to enhance part of its estate in between the West and New Wings. They wish to create a new public space from the Strand towards the river (West Street). Aside from the external courtyard area, SH does not have any facilities for large performances of more than 200 people at a time. SHT is therefore seeking to identify and appoint a design team for a new 1,600 m2 auditorium and public space, known as ‘West Street’.


The duration of the contract is 5 years.


The time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate is 27 November.



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