Featured News

The Bid Team has access to various news feeds and tender searches that we search and filter on a daily basis. News items that will impact on bidding, or our clients, are distributed according to significance and relevance. Below are some of the items of news that we consider to be significant to bidding or to a particular sector.

  • National Rail’s £8.8m communication and contact centre framework now open

    20th August 2019

    Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd is initiating a new framework for a National Contact Centre. The framework is set to be worth £8,860,000.   A national contact centre service needs to be established and developed for the use of external stakeholders. It is to further develop the business-to-customer communication elements of National Rail with a high-quality […]

  • New £10m in-car CCTV system framework now open for bids

    The Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire Police is initiating the National Framework for In-Car CCTV.   The framework is currently estimated to be worth £10,000,000.   This framework aims to provide the UK Police Forces with advanced surveillance systems to ensure the safety and wellbeing of citizens across the nation. The service providers […]

  • Gigabit Capable Connectivity framework worth £100m to open soon

    The Gigabit Capable Connectivity dynamic purchasing system (DPS) is being initiated by the Department for Culture Media and Sports through Crown Commercial Service. This commercial vehicle is currently valued at £100,000,000.   This agreement will deliver fibre optic infrastructure and services. It will include both dark fibre and lit services over which public sector organisations […]

  • £400m Insurance and Related Services 3 framework to open soon

    The Minister for the Cabinet Office, acting through Crown Commercial Service is initiating a framework called Insurance and Related Services 3 (IS3), estimated to be worth £400,000,000. This is a successor framework to the Insurance and Related Services Framework Agreement RM3731.   RM3731 is a framework agreement with lots for insurance, brokerage, compensation claims handling […]

  • DOS 4 framework worth £1.57b now open for bids

    23rd July 2019

    The Crown Commercial Service has initiated the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 framework with a current estimated value of £1, 570, 000 000.   This framework will be a recurring framework, the maximum duration of any call-off contract is 24 months (with a six-month extension).   Digital outcomes suppliers must make sure to comply with […]