London construction framework worth £350m to open soon

3rd September 2019

The Ministry of Defence is set to launch a construction framework in London worth £350m soon.


This dynamic purchasing system is for the support of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation with the delivery of Airfield Operating Surfaces projects. This will be achieved through consultancy and construction services.


The work within the framework is likely to include:

  • Asset condition assessment and reporting
  • Advice with respect to differencing asset management approaches at sites
  • Intrusive investigation and surveying — specification and execution
  • Feasibility analysis and advice with respect to best economical options including calculating life cycle costs and developing alternative technical options to sustain AOS and AGL infrastructure
  • Advisory services to inform project pipeline management — including construction timescales, prospective costs and future asset life
  • Detailed design of AOS and AGL infrastructure
  • Construction planning and management of construction works for AOS and AGL infrastructure

Any providers interested in participating in any potential provider engagement event should express interest by the end of September.


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