MoD initiates HR Delivery Service framework worth £4m

27th August 2019

Ministry of Defence is initiating the HR Delivery Service framework, with an estimated worth of £4, 000, 000.


This framework will provide personal development training services, through the supply of actors, coaches, speakers and learning designers. The aim of the framework is to further advance the Human Resources function of the MoD.


The framework is divided into the following lots:

  • Actors
    • Performing with an array of business, management, conflict and leadership themes
    • Performances centred around self-development and personal effectiveness in the areas of behavioural, leadership and management
    • Delivery of feedback to staff on the impact of behaviour and values of work
  • Coaches
    • Support and coaching of individuals in the fields of behaviour, leadership and management
    • Implementation of a non-directive approach
  • Speakers
    • Deliver talks on specific topics and purpose-designed events within the organisation
    • Topics will include business, management, leadership and organisational behaviour
  • Learning design and delivery
    • Deliver pre-designed workshops for up to 20 attendees on general business themes

Tenders may be submitted to a minimum of one of the lots, and a maximum of four.


The duration of the contracts awarded is 48 months.


The deadline for receipts of tenders and requests to participate is 16 September 2019.


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