MOD to open bidding for IT framework

7th June 2019

The MOD is seeking to produce a digital platform that enables real-time telemedicine support to deployed surgical teams. This will include knowledge from defence specialists in the UK, utilisation of military communication networks and bearers and optimally, cloud connected personal electronic devices.


The estimated value of this framework is between £1m and £4m.


This framework aims to deliver instillation of the following software packages:


  • Industry specific software packages
  • Medical software package
  • Medical information systems


The platform delivered must allow for 24/7 real-time visual and audio interaction between an internationally stationed surgical team and UK based surgeons. It will provide a ‘reach-in’ capability using mixed or augmented reality in order to allow the deployed surgeon to be advised by surgeon in the UK, and also allow the real-time overlay of diagnostics in digital form (such as X-rays) onto the surgical field to assist both active and advisory surgeon.


All contracts will cover 30 months with an option to extend the duration by 6 months at the end of the term.


The deadline for receipts of tenders and requests to participate is 24th June 2019.


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