MoJ framework worth £1.26bn closing soon

4th December 2019

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) are looking for providers for a probation services framework valued at a total of £1.26 billion.


This framework is divided into 12 lots. Tenders can be submitted for multiple lots.


The MoJ is seeking providers for high volume standardised interventions and rehabilitative services. these services will cover unpaid work, accredited programmes and other structured interventions in the areas of emotional management, domestic abuse and attitude, thinking and behaviours. Successful candidates will work in collaboration with the National Probation Service to improve the quality and the innovation of the delivery of services.


This procurement will be carried out by the MoJ in accordance with the ‘Light Touch Regime’ As such it will include a qualification stage followed by an award stage made up of an invitation to tender, face to face meetings and a best and final offer.


In accordance with the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, the MoJ must consider:

  • how what is proposed to be procured might improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the area where it exercises its functions,
  • how in conducting the process of procurement it might act with a view to securing that improvement. Accordingly, the Authority has taken this into account when designing the procurement.

The stages of this tender is as follows:

  • Selection Stage
    • Interested bidders are to submit a completed selection questionnaire (SQ). The MoJ will invite Bidders who successfully pass the Selection Stage to participate in the ITT stage.
    • Bidders shall be invited to submit Tenders where the solution proposed by each Bidder will be assessed to see whether they meet the requirements of the MoJ. Individual Lot solutions will be localised in terms of services offered, as such Bidders will be required to submit a single Initial Tender for each Lot they wish to be considered for. A maximum of ten bidders for each Lot shall be invited to participate in the Clarification Stage and taken through to BAFO stage.
  • Clarification stage
    • Bidders who are successful at Initial Tender Stage may be required to attend specific clarification meetings for each Lot tendered for. The Face to Face meetings shall be used by the MoJ to clarify the Bidder’s Initial Tenders and to give the Bidder feedback on its Initial Tender. All Bidders invited to Face to Face meetings will also be invited to proceed to the BAFO Stage.
  • BAFO Stage
    • After the Clarification Stage, bidders will be advised of any updated requirements before submitting their Best and Final Offer (BAFO). Bidders will be required to submit a final single BAFO for each Lot they are invited to submit a BAFO for. Each BAFO must be accompanied by a completed and properly signed Offer Form and Financial Declaration.

    Lots are awarded on the following rules:

    • Lowest Price Per Quality Point
      • Lots will be awarded using a Lot Award Tool to identify the lowest National PQP score or the combination of Tenders with the lowest PQP in each Lot
    • Market Share Rule
      • The Market Share Rule will be applied at a Bidder level and will be calculated as the total of: market share of Bidder entity, market share of any entity in which the Bidder is a consortium member, market share of any entity in the same corporate group as a Bidder.
    • Financial Standing Rule
      • Bidders must have the minimum capital requirements for each individual Lot they bid for.

    Successful SQ applicants will join the Qualification List, which addresses lot failure during the procurement. If a lot does not receive any suitable tenders, the MoJ will lift the market share rule for the failed lot and will invite Bidders on the Qualification List who meet the financial standing rule, to submit proposals via a mini-competition for the failed lots on the same or substantially similar basis as the main procurement.  

    Following contract award, all Suppliers will join a Contingency Panel. In the event of contract failure in one or more lots (a Failed Lot), the MoJ may choose to invite the Suppliers on the Contingency Panel to participate in a mini-competition for the Failed Lot.

    Displayed below is a breakdown of key dates within this procurement:


    Deadline for receipt of Bidders SQ submissions16th December 2019 (noon)
    Inviting successful
    Bidders to participate in the ITT Stage
    27th January 2020
    Deadline for receipt of Bidders' Initial Tenders13th March 2020 (noon)
    Notification of successful Bidders to progress to Clarification Stage15th May 2020
    Deadline for receipt of Bidders' BAFO submissions7th August 2020
    Notification of successful and unsuccessful
    Bidders at BAFO Stage
    25th September
    Anticipated Contract award5th October
    Anticipated Contract Operational Services
    Commencement Date
    July 2021

    Listed below is a breakdown of the lots:

    LotLot TitleValueDuration
    1Probation Delivery Partner (North East)£66 million8 years
    2Probation Delivery Partner (North West)£107 million8 years
    3Probation Delivery Partner (Yorkshire & Humberside)£123 million8 years
    4Probation Delivery Partner (Wales£91 million8 years
    5Probation Delivery Partner (West Midlands)£131 million8 years
    6Probation Delivery Partner (East Midlands)£84 million8 years
    7Probation Delivery Partner (South West)£95 milllion8 years
    8Probation Delivery Partner (South Central)£81 million8 years
    9Probation Delivery Partner (East of England)£141 million8 years
    10Probation Delivery Partner (London)£184 million8 years
    11Probation Delivery Partner (Kent, Surrey & Sussex)£83 million8 years
    12Probation Delivery Partner (Greater Manchester)£77 million8 years

    Listed below are the mandatory/core services:


    delivery of Building Better Relationships (BBR) and Thinking Skills Programme (TSP);delivery of Unpaid Work requirements; delivery of the following Accredited Programmes in areas where they are currently delivered: Resolve, Drink Impaired Drivers Programme (DIDP), Building Skills for Recovery (BSR),Breaking Free Online; design and delivery of structured interventions in the areas of emotional management, domestic abuse and attitudes, thinking and behaviours (ATB).


    There are also some optional services such as:


    designing, testing and delivering of new interventions (including working with the Authorityto achieve accreditation of that new intervention); delivery of additional Accredited Programmes; delivery ofadditional structured interventions in the areas of emotional management, attitude, thinking and behaviours(ATB) and domestic abuse.


    The deadline for submission of tenders is 16 December. However, with the upcoming General Election, this could be postponed.



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