Network Rail open bidding for frameworks worth £4.65billion

21st August 2018

Network Rail has announced two frameworks covering design and construction works as part of Control Period 6 (CP6).


They have released a contract notice for their £4b CP6 Western and Wales framework, while also having released a prior information notice (PIN) for their £650million design services framework.


The £4b contract will be split into two regional lots. The first will cover Network Rail’s Western route and the seconds its Wales routes.


Both frameworks will last an initial three years, but Network Rail have the option to extend this a further five years.


The Western route is divided into two sub-lots – one worth up to £4m and the other between £4m and £30m.


The scope for both lots covers building and civil engineering works with requirements for renewals, enhancements and reactive schemes.


The Wales section of the procurements is divided into four sub-lots. These cover civil engineering renewals, metallic structure work, geotechnical work and signalling, power and communications work.


Prequalification questionnaires are to be received on 24th September and invitations to tender sent out on 18th February 2019. Winners will then be announced in October next year.


The CP6 frameworks are worth over £4b in total.


The PIN released by Network Rail is also part of CP6. It covers design services and is worth £650m.


The framework will be divided into 11 lots, covering the design of buildings and architecture, civils and structures, electrification and plant, geotechnical work signalling and environmental jobs.


It is expected to last up to five years, with Network Rail having the option to extend it up to eight based on performance.


Network Rail are hosting a supplier engagement day for the design services contract at the start of September.


In November 2017, the UK government announced it would be investing £48b into the rail network for CP6 – that is £10b more than was spent in CP5.


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