NHS Supply Chain to launch framework worth £164.93m

10th September 2019

The NHS Supply Chain have announced a national framework agreement plan and are looking for potential bidders to take it on.


The contract is for the supply of patient monitoring equipment.


This framework is divided into two lots:

  • Lot 1: Non-specialist Patient Monitoring Equipment
  • Lot 2: Specialist Patient Monitoring Equipment

Lot 1:

Clinical monitoring areas include:

  • Ward based monitoring (vital signs/spot check/low acuity),
  • critical care monitoring,
  • coronary care monitoring,
  • stroke unit monitoring,
  • emergency department monitoring,
  • induction room monitoring,
  • operating theatre monitoring,
  • recovery monitoring,
  • cardiac intensive care unit (ICU) monitoring,
  • cardiac theatre monitoring,
  • neonatal intensive care unit (ICU) monitoring,
  • special care baby unit (SCBU) monitoring,
  • central stations,
  • mobile monitoring (telemetry),
  • ambulatory monitoring,
  • mobile wearing monitoring.

Lot 2:

Specialist monitoring areas include:

  • foetal monitoring (intrapartum and antepartum),
  • electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring,
  • a-EEG monitoring,
  • electromyography (EMG) monitoring,
  • MRI compatible monitoring, and
  • cardiac output monitoring.

Tenders may be submitted for one of the lots or both.


The duration of the contracts awarded is 48 months.


The deadline for receipts of tenders and requests to participate is 07 November.


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