MoD open bidding on military parts framework worth up to £40m

11th September 2019

The Ministry of Defence’s Vehicle Support Team (VST) have announced a framework for the supply of parts of military vehicles worth between £20-40m.


This purchase order will require tenderers to adhere to requests made by the VST and provide them with the parts they require.

Successful tenderers will be required to:

  • submit bids against RFQs raised by the authority,
  • ensure compliance with safety and quality standards,
  • manage traceability back to source at a unit level,
  • report on obsolescence to the Authority if encountered during the procurement process,
  • transport items safely and securely following Hazmat and Coshh and other relevant guidelines,
  • deliver to UK MOD secure facilities.

The duration of the contract is 7 years.


The deadline for receipts of tenders and requests to participate is 04 October


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