Teachers and trainers needed for £60m NHS paramedic apprenticeship course

23rd July 2019

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is partnering with the NHS National Education Network for Ambulance Services (NENAS) (including the College of Paramedics), under Salisbury’s Dynamic Purchasing System for Education to procure regional providers for the Paramedic Degree Apprenticeship programme. A range of educational skills will be required for this framework.


The framework is currently valued at £60, 000, 000.


Regions will initially be matched to NHS Ambulance Service Trust regions however some providers may be awarded by more than one service depending on skill level and experience.


The services required include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing of course material
  • Delivery of course
  • Supporting the course participants
  • Assessment

The contracts awarded are to run from 2 September 2019 to 1 August 2023. The contracts will also contain possible annual renewals to a maximum contract length of five years.


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