Transport Scotland opens bidding for £50m Ground Investigation framework

18th June 2019

Transport Scotland has announced the establishment of a Multi-supplier Framework Agreement (MFA) with ground investigation contractors to carry out ground investigation works of varying scope, complexity and value in connection with trunk road and other transport infrastructure schemes promoted by the Scottish Ministers through Transport Scotland.


The value of this framework is currently estimated at £50m.


The MFA is divided into two lots by estimated value of the individual ground investigation call-off contracts. The first lot comprises of works valued at less than £500,000 and the second comprises of works valued at more then £500,000.


The ground investigation work within this framework will include:


The supply and provision of:

  • Suitably qualified and experienced professional and technical personnel
  • Facilities (including for the Engineer/employer’s representative)
  • Equipment
  • Plants
  • Materials
  • Ancillaries
  • Traffic management

Using a range of investigatory methods including:

  • Mobilising to site and accessing exploratory locations
  • Breaking out, boring, drilling (including open-hole, cored and sonic), pitting and trenching
  • Probing and penetration testing
  • Geotechnical and geoenvironmental sampling and laboratory testing
  • In-situ and geophysical testing
  • Geophysical profiling and mapping
  • Installation of monitoring equipment
  • Backfilling and site record keeping
  • Photography
  • Surveying hole locations
  • Factual reporting
  • Providing digital data


Works provided will be required to comply with specific requirements including:

  • UK legislation as appropriate including health and safety and environmental protection
  • Eurocode 7 and other relevant CEN and BSI standards
  • The employer’s requirements (including the DMRB and MCHW)
  • The requirements of roads authorities
  • Special requirements of UK/Scottish public and statutory bodies including utility undertakers
  • Particular requirements of key stakeholders including landowners/occupiers (to be determined)


These works may be required across a range of Scotland areas including urban sites, woodland sites, over water and environmentally-sensitive sites; all with widely varying ground conditions that providers will need to be experienced in.


The length of the contracts awarded will be 48 months.


The current deadline for receipts of tenders or requests to participate is 12th July 2019. With invitations to participate estimated to be dispatched by 16th September 2019.


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