Environmental consultancy framework announced worth £10.4m

25th June 2019

United Utilities Water Ltd based in Warrington has initiated a framework for Environmental Surveys and Consultancy.


The Company holds licences to provide water and wastewater services to a population of approximately seven million people across the North West of England.


The Environmental Surveys and Consultancy frameworks cover these services across the business, advising against business objectives and supporting the acquisition of environmental consents from statutory environmental consultees and planning authorities. This specific framework is split into three lots: ecology, planning and archaeology.


The estimated value of this framework is £10.4m.


Lot 1 – Ecology (£8m)


  • Providing of specialist ecological support
  • Reviewing development proposals, plans and method statements and providing technical advice
  • Designing and undertaking field surveys to identify any relevant ecological constraints, undertaking impact assessments and producing technical reports
  • Preparing ecological impact assessments, environmental statements and habitat regulations assessments
  • Advice whether to avoid or minimise ecological impacts and designing necessary measures to mitigate or offset any potential impacts
  • Preparing ecological method statements and providing specialist on-site support or supervision
  • Provision of services relating to protected species licencing
  • Consulting with regulatory authorities, relevant landowners and 3rd party groups
  • Completing task-specific method statements, supporting risk assessments and implementing all necessary safe systems of work


Lot 2 – Planning (£0.8m)


  • Desk-based assessments and identifying constraints
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Producing planning supporting statements and design and access statements
  • Managing planning performance agreements
  • Engaging in project update meetings and advising the project team on planning strategy
  • Submitting official planning applications
  • Managing and submitting condition discharges
  • Collaborating with the company’s communications team to organise public exhibitions/community events relating to the planning submission
  • Identifying key stakeholders involved with the planning application


Lot 3 – Archaeology (£1.6m)


  • Desk-based assessments including:
    • Assessment of archaeological interest based on area plan provided by client
    • Archaeological report
  • Conducting geophysical survey and producing related reports
  • Archaeological excavation (to include the provision of machinery and trained operators)
  • Producing Archaeological excavation Method Statements (AMS)
  • Undertaking of Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA)
  • Site supervision of archaeological excavation
  • Attending pre-start meetings with the company construction supervisor and/or principal contractor
  • Attending emergency out of hours meetings
  • Conducting archaeological evaluation
  • Producing of written schemes of investigation
  • Collaborating with stakeholders such as local planning authorities and landowners


The contracts to be awarded are for 96 months.


The current deadline for tenders for this framework is 29th July 2019.


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