Green Corridor has worked with The Bid Team to develop and improve our EOI and contract submission. It has been without doubt one of the most fundamental and successful step changes undertaken at Green Corridor. Without The Bid Team’s support and critique I doubt this change would have been possible or successful.

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The Bid Team’s ability to pull together the right team to develop propositions in response to a client requirement is outstanding. Their innovation, attention to detail, and commercial awareness have won many an opportunity against Tier 1 competition. They can engage at Board Level and at all levels in an organisation including technical staff and […]

If there’s a complex bid, with challenging requirements, The Bid Team are the ideal consultants to have on board to help build innovative, effective strategies with great win themes that deliver results. If there is limited input from the client, they are ideal to help get to the heart of the real requirement. It’s always […]

We have had some informal feedback from the submission, which I thought you would like to hear: They said it was very professional and detailed, it “stood out” in comparison to other submissions. So thanks again to the team for the passion and care that you put into making this another successful submission.

As you did with PQQ stage, you brought rigour and, more importantly, real value to the submission by spotting omissions or inconsistencies in our proposals and the style of the submission. The Bid Team showed remarkable stamina and I really, really appreciate what you have done for us; had it not been for you, my […]

I would recommend The Bid Team unreservedly with the warning that they are always busy so don’t leave it to the last minute to involve them in your bid!

I have been extremely pleased with the attention to detail and appetite for understanding shown by The Bid Team managers over the past 10 months of intensive tendering. I particularly liked the way they handled and compiled the tender updates and clarifications to keep me abreast of the situation without bogging me down in the […]

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The Bid Team has provided excellent service to Vanderlande, improving the content, presentation and approach to our bid responses. There has been a measurable increase in our win rate and we continue to benefit from outsourced bid support.