Facilities Management Tenders

Both public and private sector organisations are seeking to make efficiency savings by outsourcing the management of their facilities operations.

Facilities Management bids are run under OJEU regulations for public bodies and under different procurement processes for the private sector. The nature of Facilities Management contracts requires the management of significant numbers of staff and in some cases the transfer of staff under TUPE regulations. If you are looking to bid to this sector, then The Bid Team can help.

A good option for SMEs looking to bid into the public sector is to look at Crown Commercial Services. This is where the government publishes its frameworks. The government has committed 33% of central government procurement spend to go to SMEs by 2022. This means that there will be more opportunities than ever before for SMEs to compete for finance tenders. The current frameworks available are listed below:

FrameworkNameLotsSuppliersRenewal Date
RM3830Facilities Management Marketplace34609/07/2022
RM3816Estates Professional Services113321/08/2021
RM3741Project Management and Full Design Team Services63202/05/2021
RM3767Supply and Fit of Tyres2310/10/2020
RM6073Government Hubs Fit Out Framework3918/06/2021
RM6089Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2)64304/03/2021
RM3826Supply Teachers and Temporary Staff in Educational Establishments312229/08/2020

Facilities Management Marketplace

This is a framework for the provision of facility management services across the UK. The services covered are: Contract management, Contract mobilisation, Maintenance services, Horticultural services, Statutory obligations, Catering services, Cleaning services, Workplace FM services, Reception services, Security services, Waste services, Miscellaneous FM services, Computer-aided facilities management (CAFM), Helpdesk services, Management of billable works.

Estates Professional Services

This is a framework that provides property services including purchase, disposal, raising income from property and facilities management services for all public sector bodies.

Project Management and Full Design Team Services

This framework provides broad, strategic advice on property projects across a range of disciplines and functions. It is supported by the Facilities Management services framework.

Supply and Fit of Tyres

This agreement is for the supply and fit of tyres and associated services. It is divided into two lots. Lot 1 is for the police and emergency services and lot 2 is a multi-supplier lot for the supply and fit of tyres and associated services for use by all government and public sector organisations.

Government Hubs Fit Out Framework

The framework provides either a traditional or design-and-build approach to your construction project. The delivery models are: Two-stage design and build, two-stage traditional, single-stage design and build, single-stage traditional

Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2)

This is an agreement that provides the public sector with: specialist security suppliers for the provision of both physical and technical security, housing management and maintenance services and specialist defence FM and housing services (for defence customers only).

Supply Teachers and Temporary Staff in Educational Establishments

This framework is used to recruit all temporary and fixed-term teaching and non-teaching staff.

The Process

Bids into the Facilities Management sector are typical complex, multi-phased and require large diverse teams. The invitation to tender is the initial stage to streamline applicants and create competition. The value of utility contracts attracts a lot of competition. This means it important to ensure your bid is up to the highest of standards to stand your company in the best position to win. Understanding the tenderer is a vital part of positioning the bid. It is important to understand the needs of the client and make sure your answer directly conveys this understanding and provides a suitable response covering all issues. It is crucial to tailor your bid to the wants and needs of the provider. Writing answers that appeal to the culture of the organisation and suits their structure will help separate your answer from the competition. This will make your answer stand out as well as more appealing to the company supplying the contract. This will help you score highly in your bid submission responses.

Bidders are expected to produce high-specification submissions in terms of content, graphics and media. The audience for the submission can vary from a technical evaluation team through to full public consultation. The approach must therefore encompass a high degree of graphics to represent and visualise the concept, while at the same time convey clear win themes and client benefits, in an understandable manner for all possible audiences.

The Bid Team

If you are looking to submit a finance tender into this sector, then The Bid Team can help. We have worked closely with Vanderlande UK baggage since 2013. When Heathrow launched Quinquennium 6 (Q6), Vanderlande engaged The Bid Team to assist with their proposal. The competition to play a significant role in Q6 was high and prime contractors were targeting Q6. Vanderlande wanted to stand out from the competition and produce a compelling bid that recognised the importance of Heathrow as a client and the baggage solution in Q6. They therefore engaged The Bid Team to manage the submission from a visual media and compelling copy perspective. Since 2013 Vanderlande has used The Bid Team as an integral part of their submission process. During this time, we have helped Vanderlande increase their win rate from 50% to 86% while still increasing the value of work won. Our bid process is defined and well suited for Facilities Management tenders and overview of our process can be found here. In addition we have produced a series of “How to” guides to further assist our clients win work through construction tenders for example “How to position a bid“, “How to qualify a bid” and “How to write a bid answer“. These guides incorporate our approach with easy to use forms and templates. We also provide news on IT tenders on our news page.

If you are looking to bid to this sector, then The Bid Team can help provide bid management, bid writing, bid reviews as well as other services to help your organisation win construction tenders. Please use the form below to contact us for a discussion on your bid.

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