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Vanderlande UK baggage has transformed their bidding responses and increased win rates by engaging The Bid Team on strategic bids.


Vanderlande is the global market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports, and in the parcel market. The company is also a leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses. Vanderlande’s baggage handling systems move 3.7 billion pieces of luggage around the world per year, in other words 10.1 million per day. Its systems are active in 600 airports including 13 of the world’s top 20. The majority of Vanderlande’s work in Airports is won through competitive tenders. Their bids typically cover electrical, mechanical and civil engineering and in some cases construction and building works. The number of companies able to undertake such complex programmes is understandably limited. In order to stand out from the competition Vanderlande engaged The Bid Team.

In 2013 Vanderlande was competing to play a major role in the next regulated period for Heathrow Airport, known as Quinquennium 6 (Q6). Heathrow, being a regulated body, has to submit 5 year plans for approval by the regulator and then engages suppliers in a negotiated procedure to fulfil the objectives of that period. Baggage systems play a major part of any airport and at Heathrow the capacity to transfer people and bags is under constant review as the airport operates at close to maximum capacity. The competition to play a significant role in Q6 was high and prime contractors were targeting Q6. Vanderlande wanted to stand out from the competition and produce a compelling bid that recognised the importance of Heathrow as a client and the baggage solution in Q6. They therefore engaged The Bid Team to manage the submission from a visual media and compelling copy perspective. The final submissions were over two thousand pages and presented in a state of the art binding solution.

Since 2013 Vanderlande has used The Bid Team as an integral part of their submission process. During the last 5 years Vanderlande has undertaken a major review of their client engagement strategy and has identified a need to increase the number of airports that they support and to increase the scope of their electrical and mechanical systems support service. The Bid Team has played a major part in that change programme and has introduced new processes and client focused activities. We have worked with Vanderlande to develop their bid library and improve the win rate not only on bids that we support but also on bids that they submit themselves. We have helped Vanderlande increase their win rate from 50% to 86% while still increasing the value of work won.

The successes of the UK baggage division is now well established in Vanderlande and the UK division is seen as the leading part of the organisation for competitive tendering. All divisions in all countries would like to learn from their success. To this end The Bid Team has supported Vanderlande bids to Airports around the world.

Bidding Services

Vanderlande has received the full suite of support services from The Bid Team. Typically Vanderlande will outsource the running of the bid to The Bid Team. We set the bid direction, oversee the management of the bid, write compelling bid responses in contact with Vanderlande, produce graphics which portray their technical solutions in an understandable manner, and develop and produce the final submission documentation. As well as an outsourced consultancy, The Bid Team also provides placed bid writers for long-term projects that require a lot of intensive bidding.

Airports are complex organisations, usually in constrained locations and buildings. They have peak operational periods where they are operating at close to their capacity. Any upgrade to a major system such as baggage must therefore work within a complex environment with tight security and in close cooperation with airport and airline operators. Airports also have to work in a changing security environment and requirements that are dictated by national and pan-national regulatory bodies. All this must be reflected in the Vanderlande submissions. The following is a list of some of the more significant wins that The Bid Team has supported:

Heathrow Airport. New baggage systems, maintenance of exiting baggage systems and incorporation of new systems for bag storage and transit.

Manchester Airport Group. Framework for the supply of large and small baggage systems across the group including building and ground works.

Stansted Airport. SAC and SCADA replacements across all baggage systems.

Luton Airport. Hold baggage screening 3 upgrade.

Hong Kong Airport. New baggage system for the new third runway terminal buildings.

IAG Cargo. Mechanical and Electrical maintenance of the Heathrow facility for the group’s air freight operations.

Bid Functions Provided

For Vanderlande we provide the full range of bid service from pre bid consultancy to position the company; strategic bid direction to drive the key themes of the bid; bid management to ensure deliverables are met; bid writing and bid graphics to turn technical content in to bid copy; and reviewing the submission mid-bid to ensure that the bid strategy was being implemented.

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With all the demanding work going in a response, your final repsonse should demonstrate the importance you assign to the tender and hence the purchasing organisation. The right binding solutions will make you stand out.

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