Client: Atos

We worked closely with Atos to deliver support to their Ministry of Justice (MoJ) bids and provide a thorough review of their bid process – leading to improved win rates and more knowledgeable staff.


Atos is a global leader in IT services and digital transformation, with an annual turnover of over £12 billion, specialising in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data and cybersecurity services.

Despite having its own internal bid team, Atos approached The Bid Team to help build its working relationship and understanding of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), who was introducing a series of complex “change notes” (i.e. mini-tenders) over a 12-month period.

The Bid Team has worked with the MOJ previously and has worked alongside other clients in producing bids for MOJ tenders. Atos had an existing relationship with the MoJ but The Bid Team’s experience in bidding to the MoJ, and working with the MOJ, enabled us to help Atos develop that relationship. The Bid Team ensured that Atos’ interactions with the MoJ were as productive as possible, facilitating communication and improving Atos’ success with the changes notes.

The difficulty in supporting Atos’ with its multiple bids to the MoJ was the varying size and volume. To maximise Atos’ success, The Bid Team supplied bid professionals who had the skills and experience to deliver the project. They were then briefed on the project and worked with Atos at its headquarters for 12 months. The benefits to Atos of this approach were huge as it could access its bidding expertise resource immediately and communication between all parties was easier. The Bid Team was then able to work with Atos on developing its change notes bid process, ensuring the content was well-written with a quick response time, and manage the volume of the change notes to all be submitted on time.

Following the success of The Bid Team’s work with Atos on the MoJ’s change notes, Atos used our bid support for bid reviews, identifying where improvements could be made and enabling Atos to increase its future bidding success rate.

Bidding services

To assist Atos through a period of growth, The Bid Team were retained to provide advice and guidance on their bidding process and identify where improvements could be made to improve their bidding win rate.

Our team reviewed and analysed Atos’s bid process and its MOJ bidding function, identifying common themes, win rates, bid plans, communication plans, and engagement models. We presented our observations and recommendations, including our best bidding solution and process, to the Atos management team.

The Bid Team provided Atos with experience and qualified bid writers and managers. The provision of The Bid Team’s bid writing expertise enabled Atos’ responses to show the MoJ the benefits of their technical capability in a compelling and understandable manner.

Throughout our relationship, Atos also benefit from our bidding expertise as we also provided retrospective reviews on previously submitted bids.

•Initial Kick off meeting with Atos MoJ Management team

•Communication to staff via email and presentations to Atos technical experts

•Paper review of existing bid processes and organisation structure

•Structured interviews with Atos staff

•Interim meeting with Atos management team

•Communications of recommendations

•Phase end meeting.

Bid functions provided

For Atos we provided our bid direction, writing and a bid process review services. A strategic bid direction drives the key themes of the bid; our bid writing turns technical content into compliant and persuasive bid copy; and our mid-bid review ensures that the bid strategy is being followed as desired from the beginning of the bid process.

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