Client: 3M Health Care

3M Health Care provides products and services to the NHS across the UK. To secure their place on key frameworks they engaged The Bid Team.


3M is one of the world’s best-known companies manufacturing products that we all use in our everyday lives. They are a science-based technology company that is committed to improving lives and doing business to the highest ethical standard. At the heart of this US$32 billion company is innovation and the creation of products that, in big ways and small, make things better for people: helping them to be safe; making them more productive; protecting their health; and safeguarding their environment. At 3M, honesty, integrity and the ability to work as part of a team contribute to a culture that is founded on curiosity, problem-solving and collaboration.

In the UK 3M plays a significant part in providing the NHS with products that change lives. Almost all medical procedures are undertaken with and supported by 3M products, whether it be the drape that is used during the procedure or the gown the person is wearing. In 2007 the NHS was re-competing their supply frameworks and introducing new ways of using technology to account for consumable expenditure. 3M Health Care management identified the need for additional bid support to manage and write their submission to ensure technical compliance with NHS procurement regulations and guidelines. They chose The Bid Team to help them win these crucial frameworks. We helped 3M secure places on these frameworks and have continued to support them on key aspects of their UK tendering.

In 2017 the Department of Health announced a framework for the provision of accountable health solutions that would support the NHS Five Year Forward View for greater integration of healthcare services, of health and social care, and of physical and mental health services. In order to move health services in the UK to a more person and population-centred approach, the NHS called for innovations and solutions. This included tools to identify patients who are at high risk of an adverse event and are likely to be amenable to a particular intervention, electronic patient records that give clinicians across all care settings a full picture of their patient’s health and well-being, tools to support the monitoring of wider system programmes and enhanced tools to integrate clinical workflow with patient activation data to ensure patients are being treated in the right place at the right time. 3M was such an innovator and had the products they had developed by working with health care providers and insurers around the world. In 2018, 3M commissioned The Bid Team to provide bid management, writing and review services for this key NHS framework.

Bidding Services

3M Health Care has engaged The Bid Team to undertake a range of bid services. Our writers ensure that the bids are written to maximise the evaluation scores and hence produce winning solutions. We have supported 3M since 2007 on many bidding initiatives, including bid process review, bid competency assessment, bid reviews and bid writing. Some of the significant wins that we have had with 3M include:

Audit Commission – clinical coding. In 2007 the Audit Commission wanted a solution to verify that clinical coding in NHS trusts was being undertaken to the highest quality standard. 3M bid successfully for this important framework with bid direction and bid writing from The Bid Team.

NHS Connecting for Health – additional supply capability and capacity framework. In 2008 a new framework was announced by the NHS to provide consultancy services on the implementation of technology. 3M engaged The Bid Team to secure 4 lots of this must win framework.

NHS – national drapes and gowns. In 2008 the NHS completed a national framework for the provision of drapes and gowns. This was a major supply contract and one that 3M wanted to continue to supply to the NHS. 3M engaged The Bid Team to support this bid through strategy reviews, content reviews and bid writing services.

NHS – local and regional procurement frameworks. NHS organisations have introduced new frameworks at a local, regional and national level. The Bid Team has supported 3M in bids to these organisations.

Scottish NHS – health consumables framework. Scottish NHS has their own procurement service and in 2009, 3M Health Care engaged The Bid Team to provide bid review and bid writing services. 3M secured 105 of the 125 procurement lines on this framework.

Department of Health – accountable care system. In 2018 3M engaged The Bid Team to support their bid to provide innovative solutions to support the development of accountable care in the UK. This is a highly technical submission based on statistical modelling of population cohorts.

Bid Functions Provided

For 3M we have provided the full range of bid service from pre-bid consultancy to position the company; strategic bid direction to drive the key themes of the bid; bid management to ensure deliverables are met; bid writing and bid graphics to turn technical content into bid copy; and reviewing the submission mid-bid to ensure that the bid strategy was being implemented.

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