Client: CACI

Key facts

Number of bid stages: 32

Value of work won/secured: £190million

Consultancy days provided: 180


The Bid Team have worked with CACI on a multitude of bids and have a developed a close working relationship based on successful bid submissions.


CACI is leading specialists in providing integrated marketing, location planning consultancy, network services and technology solutions. They design and deliver innovative and practical IT solutions that deliver tangible benefit.

They were aware of The Bid Team’s services due to senior management staff having worked with us at their previous companies. CACI already have a solid bidding function but employ the services of The Bid Team to provide a thorough review of their bidding process. We set the strategy and direction of the bid and review bid answers provided to us by CACI in order to give feedback and advice on how to score highly on their final submission.

We provide pink and red team reviews to CACI to ensure their submissions meet the client requirements and allow CACI to demonstrate their unique selling points that separate them from the competition that is often vast when bidding in the IT sector.

Bidding services

CACI benefit from the full range of services on offer from The Bid Team. We work with CACI from the pre-bid consultancy stage through to the final submission, ensuring targets and objectives are both set and achieved.

All organisations in the public and private sector now rely on their IT solutions. Whatever solution they may have, it will eventually need replacing and often clients will go to the market to seek competitive solutions. Not all IT systems are complex or confusing, but security must remain the main driver of any IT solution proposal regardless of the size of the client. IT proposals should reassure evaluators that not only are the requirements set out in the framework are met, but that security threats are ameliorated.

The Bid Team is aware of the importance of turning complexities into clear and unambiguous bid copy and work with clients to identify key themes and unique selling points that can be used to stand out from the competition – which is often high when bidding for into IT and Government sectors.

We have worked with CACI on a variety of bid submissions into multiple sectors, some of which include bids to:


  1. National Records of Scotland – DCOMS. Won bid to deliver systems and services required to collect, store, analyse and output operational information collected as part of the census collect phase.
  2. NRS – Portal. Successful in bidding for NRS’ Online Collection Instrument framework, providing an instrument to enable all households and communal establishments in Scotland to participate in their census and provide their census information online.
  3. BBC. Won bid for the BBC’s Content Management System Modernisation Programme framework. The framework allows the BBC to design, schedule and execute multi-stage and multi-channel closed loop campaigning. The solution provided by CACI also has analytics and reporting functionalities with visualisation tools that enable analysis and optimisation of campaigns for wider business performance.


Bid functions provided

For CACI, we provide our full array of bid services from pre bid consultancy to position the company against competitors; strategic bid direction to drive the key themes and unique selling points for bids; bid management to ensure deliverables are met for each submission; bid writing and bid graphics to turn complex technical content and IT jargon into understandable, coherent bid copy; and reviewing the submission mid-bid to ensure that the strategy of the bid discussed in the earlier stages is being followed correctly.

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