Client: has developed and improved their bidding process by benefitting from The Bid Team’s full range of services on a variety of recruitment frameworks.

Relationship is a global recruiting business providing more efficient, effective and valuable services to both clients and job seekers. They specialise in telecommunications, IT and engineering and aim to match talent and ambition with roles that are suitable to potential employees. considers culture, ambition, growth and environment as factors in ensuring that their aims are achieved. and The Bid Team enjoy a very successful and productive relationship spanning six different sectors. They first approached The Bid Team in 2008 for bid support for its focus on the Government and Defence sectors. What started as a general bid consultancy for these specific sectors, branched into consultancy for other sectors was seeking to bid into. Our bidding expertise helped them not only win recruitment bids but grow as a business as it developed into becoming a recognised recruitment solutions provider.

A key success of our relationship with was the creation and growth of a consulting division. This acted as a separate entity to’s recruiting division and allowed them to bid for large Ministry of Defence and Crown Commercial Service frameworks. This included establishing a website and brands for’s consulting division.

Such was the closeness of our relationship with senior management of, that we continue to work with those that have moved on from the company in their new ventures.

Successful bids that The Bid Team has assisted with include submissions to the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (Airbus), Boeing and the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Bidding services

The Bid Team has delivered many types of support to General organisation-wide support provided includes development of, and advice on,’s bid strategy and development of win themes to be used for specific sectors. The bidding consultancy we delivered was so successful that they wished to apply our expertise to their organisation as a whole. We were therefore hired to provide advice on organisational structures and services for S.Com’s consultancy practices, and a bid consultancy ourselves benefitted from the full range of services provided by The Bid Team. We set the tone and direction of their bids, oversee their management, write persuasive and compliant content and develop eye-catching and easy-to-follow graphics – all of which combine to produce winning final bid submissions.

Recruitment services also need to comply with an increasing number of legislative requirements for permanent, interim and contract recruitments. Financial penalties have been put in place for the recruitment agency, umbrella company and end client if specific procedures are not followed correctly. The Bid Team is also a recruitment company and a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, so we understand operationally what recruitment compliance is and provide expertise in assisting with recruitment bids.

Some of the significant bids that has won with the support of The Bid Team include:

MoD. Successfully won a place on the Framework Agreement for Consultancy and Information Technology Services. The framework totalled £120m.

Boeing. Successfully bid on a Managed Service Provider framework to one of the is the world’s leading aerospace companies, sourcing contractors, providing consultation and managing the contract labour process.

EADS. Secured a position as a supplier on one of the world leaders in aviation and defence’s Preferred Supplier List for Permanent Personnel Recruitment Services framework.

Bid functions provided

For we provide the full suite of services from pre-bid consultancy to position the company; strategic bid direction to drive the key themes of the bid; bid management to ensure the deliverables are met; bid writing and bid graphics to turn technical content and jargon into clear bid copy; and we provide a mid-bid review to ensure that the bid strategy is being implemented as desired from the outset of the process.

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