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NTT Data has improved its bidding process and increased win rates by working with The Bid Team on a variety of IT frameworks.


NTT Data, originating in Japan, is a global IT service provider providing consulting and technology expertise in telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing and the public sector. They are committed to guiding the insights that allow businesses to quickly adapt to changed, offering strategic and practical advice to aid from the blueprint stage to delivery and beyond. Their flexible industry and technology solutions also help to transform and modernise businesses through improving the experience that customers and employees demand. NTT Data provide a range of services including cybersecurity, application development, analytics and cloud solutions.

Their bids typically cover the provision of IT solutions to protect businesses against damaging security breaches, improve operational efficiency and drive new revenue streams. However, there is understandably vast competition in the IT industry, so NTT Data approached The Bid Team to stand out from their competitors.

All organisations in the public and private sector now rely on their IT solutions and whatever solution clients currently use, eventually it will need replacing or updating and, in doing so, they may go to market to seek competitive solutions.

The Bid Team originally looked after all bidding for Amtec, a small consultancy company based in Surrey. Amtec were taken over by Keane, who continued to outsource the management of their bids to The Bid Team. In 2010, Keane were acquired by NTT Data and, having seen the success provided by The Bid Team, opted to continue our working relationship. The Bid Team have gone on to become an integral part of NTT Data’s growth and evolution in Europe by supporting their bid and submission processes. Since 2010, The Bid Team’s bidding support has seen the successful development and submission of a wide variety of IT bids into several sectors. In total, we have supported more than 40 bids for NTT Data, including bids to Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Aegon.

NTT Data is now a major competitor globally, with The Bid Team having worked with them from the outset of their venture into Europe.

Bidding services

NTT Data benefit from the management, writing and review services provided by The Bid Team. Our team of bid managers, writers and graphic designers combine work closely with NTT Data from the outset and are in constant contact while we oversee the management of bids, write compelling and compliant bid responses and produce graphics and visuals that are both aesthetically-pleasing and make their IT solutions simple to navigate. The Bid Team’s bidding expertise and NTT Data’s wealth of knowledge and ability ensure that, together, we produce winning final submissions.

IT frameworks can be complex, so avoiding jargon and using terminology that is unambiguous and easy to understand is essential to be successful in the bid response. IT proposals also need to reassure evaluators that not only the requirements of the client are met, but that the handling of security threats is bettered.

The Bid Team needed to make this apparent in NTT Data’s final submissions. Here are some of their significant wins that The Bid Team supported from start to finish:

SSE. The Bid Team managed, wrote and reviewed NTT Data’s bid for a position on SSE’s provisioning of functional testing services framework, helping the global IT service provider’s UK growth.

FCA. The Bid Team managed NTT Data’s bid to secure a position on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Technology Outsourcing Framework. Our expertise in bidding to Governmental bodies ultimately secured NTT Data a position.

Aegon. We provided our management, writing and review services for NTT Data’s successful bid to obtain a place on Aegon’s Development Systems Summary framework. Aegon has become a significant client for NTT Data.

Bid functions provided

For NTT Data we provide bid management, writing and a bid process review. Our bid management ensures deliverables are met; our bid writing and bid graphics turn technical content into persuasive bid copy; and the mid-bid review of the submission ensures that the bid strategy is being implemented as desired.

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