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Shorterm has had a strategic relationship with The Bid Team since 2013. We have helped them secure competitively tendered work with their key clients.


The Shorterm group provides specialist recruitment services and technical support for the engineering industry. With more than 35 years of experience in recruiting for the UK rail industry, Shorterm’s understanding of the issues, policies, working conditions and recruitment requirements in this area is second to none.

In 2013 Network Rail announced a strategic change in the number of contingent labour suppliers from 57 to 20. In addition the four core suppliers would provide 70% of the workforce supported by a number of smaller specialist suppliers. Shorterm wanted to be a significant player on the new framework and needed to compete against much larger incumbent suppliers. Their PQQ and ITT response therefore needed to achieve the highest possible quality score against the Network Rail evaluation criteria. Shorterm engaged The Bid Team to provide bid review and writing services for both the PQQ and ITT. Bid reviews for both submissions were conducted against the evaluation criteria and an evaluation score improvement plan suggested for each answer. Content and presentation were challenged against the criteria and rewritten to address the client focus and wider Network Rail strategic goals. Service descriptions, innovation and experience were addressed in each answer, all within the very restrictive word counts.

Shorterm qualified on all submitted PQQ lots and went through to the ITT stage. At the ITT stage Shorterm came first in 33 of the 39 lots bid and were awarded the maximum of 18 lots including core lots, representing 29.5% of the core lot value.

Bidding Services

Shorterm has benefitted from a successful relationship with The Bid Team since 2013, since when we have provided support on seven different bids to various rail organisations. These bids include a variety of tenders and frameworks to Network Rail and a Supply of Various Goods and Services bid to MTR Crossrail. Shorterm and The Bid Team continue to work together to reach Shorterm’s goal of being the rail sector’s primary specialist recruitment organisation. Some of the significant wins are:

Network Rail – contingent labour. This was a key target for Shorterm. Shorterm engaged The Bid Team to provide a bid review and rewrite of all the lots bid at both the PQQ and ITT stages. Shorterm scored highest in 33 lots and were awarded the maximum coverage of lines.

Network Rail – Welding provision. Shorterm are one of a few companies that have the qualified staff to undertake welding on the rail network. This was an important bid and a must win service provision. The Bid Team provided a review of the bid and rewrite of technical content against the evaluation criteria. Shorterm secured a place on this framework.

MTR Crossrail – supply of good and services. MTR Crossrail had various requirements for the supply of goods, services and mixed goods and services to support both the Fleet and SQE departments. Shorterm bid for this work and engaged The Bid Team to review the bid submission. Shorterm secured a place on this framework.

Network Rail – training provision. Shorterm acquired a training division to provide rail related training for its own staff and other rail service providers. Shorterm engaged The Bid Team to provide a review and rewrite of the lots bid at both the PQQ and ITT stages. Shorterm were awarded a place on all lots bid.

Bid Functions Provided

For Shorterm we provide a range of bid service from strategic bid direction to drive the key themes of the bid; bid management to ensure deliverables are met; and bid writing to turn technical content in to bid copy; and reviewing the submission mid-bid to ensure that the bid strategy was being implemented.

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